Balloon Animals and Sculptures

Balloon art

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Custom Balloon Pieces:custom-balloon-5

Looking for a special and unique gift for a certain someone? Jeff creates balloon art pieces and customizes them for each client to fit their recipient. Whether it’s a deer on a motorcycle or an elegant flower bouquet, Jeff will make anything you want out of balloons.






Balloon Look-a-Likes:balloon-person-22

 Jeff’s specialty with balloons is characters, especially people. What better gift to give someone for their anniversary or birthday than a balloon person that looks just like them! Sizes range from doll size to life size.







Balloon Art Installations:

 These art exhibits are truly one of a kind. These high impact displays are great for large events and are fully customized to express your theme/message. These are also very visual for company advertising. Jeff will work with you to bring your vision to life with balloons! Every detail is discussed and approved by the client.



Please note that it takes 2-3 weeks to research, sketch, and finalize the design for a balloon art exhibit.






  • "He is a big hit with crowds of all ages!"

    Amy Robbins - 93Q Radio Station

  • "It seemed every one in attendance had both a balloon and a smile."

    Heather W. - Oneida Autism Walk Coordinator


  • "You arrived early and stayed until the last child in line received his balloon... Very cool!"

    Elmcrest Elementary PTO